Image of Spring Is Right Around The Corner Mar

Spring Is Right Around The Corner

Spring is just around the corner and with the change in seasons comes more accessibility to local pools, lakes, and large bodies of water. British Swim School believes it is never too early to learn water safety tips and start your child in swimming classes as early as possible! British Swim School just recently expanded to Seattle and Sounds […]

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Image of Rethink Your New Years Resolution Dec

Rethink Your New Years Resolution

Rethink your new years resolution and instead devote 2016 to the safety of your child. British Swim School is urging parents across the nation to dedicate this upcoming year to their child learning vital water safety techniques that could save their life. There is no better time, then now to make a change and challenge the devastating child drowning rates that have overcome the nation. The […]

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Image of Behind The Business Nov

Behind The Business

Behind the business of British Swim School offers a chance to listen to Rita Goldberg, Founder, describe her passion and inspiration for the British Swim School. NBC Chicago put together Swim School For Tots A Unique Franchise Opportunity, to give that sneak peak into the Aquatic Industry’s leading swim school. Rita started the British Swim School in England and […]

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Image of Expanding to Seven New Markets Oct

Expanding to Seven New Markets

Expanding to Seven New Markets is British Swims Schools largest accomplishment this year and with this growth they can now reach untapped regions that don’t have access to any water survival services. feature this huge announcement while highlighting the true need for British Swim Schools revolutionary ideology that is saving lives everyday. The announcement of seven […]

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Image of Loving What You Do Oct

Loving What You Do

Loving what you do is a common dream we all desire, we want to spend our lives doing something we are proud of and something that fulfills us. It looks like Antony White, British Swim Schools Franchise Owner, has done exactly that by finding a career path he could be proud of and something he loved. WICU You and Me […]

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Image of Making a Splash In Seattle Oct

Making a Splash In Seattle

Seattle, being a home to a vast amount of open water, pools, and miles of coast line it couldn’t be a more perfect candidate for a British Swim School. British Swim School is excited to announce our newest Franchise Owner, Tracey Weller, and the huge plan she has for the Seattle area. “Swimming has always played […]

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