Image of British Swim School Develops Young Adult Swim Program

British Swim School Develops Young Adult Swim Program

The Nation’s Premier ‘Learn to Swim’ Provider Targets Critical 12+ Age Group

British Swim School, the nation’s leading “learn to swim” franchise company, announces the expansion of services through the addition of a young adult swim program.

Young adults ages 12 years and older have the 2nd highest fatal drowning rate out of any age group. Only toddlers have a higher risk.

"Despite their interest in learning or improving their swimming skills, many young adults are hesitant to enroll in a swim class due to concerns of being grouped with younger, less experienced swimmers,” says Melissa McGarvey, British Swim School Aquatics Director. “At British Swim School, we recognize that young adult learners require a unique approach to instruction that fosters individual progress and ensures their comfort and safety in the water. Our program draws from the traditional British Swim School methods and is tailored to meet the specific needs of young adults who seek to enhance their swimming abilities.”

The Need for Young Adult Swim Instruction

With May being National Water Safety Month, this is the perfect time to draw attention to this program. While younger children are more likely to drown in swimming pools, young adults are more likely to drown in lakes, rivers, oceans, and other natural bodies of water.

  • Young adults are more likely to overestimate their skills, especially in open water, which can get
    them into trouble.
  • Many teens tend to feel they are invincible. Research shows that the human brain isn’t fully
    developed until adulthood, which can lead young adults to make poor decisions.
  •  Peer pressure and the need to keep up with their friends and impress them can also lead to
    danger in the water.

“This program will allow us to reach even more swimmers, ensuring everyone has the ability to be a safe and happy swimmer,” says Ashley Gundlach, British Swim School President. “With our personalized attention and accelerated approach, we empower young adults to make significant strides in their swimming proficiency.”

British Swim School’s Young Adult Program

Depending on the swimmer’s skill level and areas of need, the goals of the British Swim School Young Adult program include:

  • Water acclimation and becoming comfortable in the water.
  • Floating, treading water, and other skills to prepare adolescents to learn to swim.
  • Learning and practicing proper swimming strokes.
  • Lifesaving water safety and survival skills.

Additionally, British Swim School encourages parents and guardians to prioritize water safety education for their children and to enroll them in swimming lessons at an early age. With the young adult program, British Swim School continues its commitment to making swimming accessible and safe for all ages and skill levels.

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