Image of Air Force Veteran and Wife Open British Swim School in Wasatch Front

Air Force Veteran and Wife Open British Swim School in Wasatch Front

The Nation’s Premier ‘Learn to Swim’ Provider Awards New Location in Layton

British Swim School, the nation’s leading “learn to swim” franchise, continues its rapid expansion across North America with the opening of its newest franchise location in Syracuse. The new location, at the warm therapy pool at Northern Utah Dermatology, is scheduled to open on April 1st, just in time for kids to learn water survival skills ahead of summer.

Air Force Veteran Brandon Charleson and his wife Elyse are thrilled to serve the community and ensure everyone has water survival skills. Elyse is no stranger to spending time in the water as she grew up a competitive swimmer and her first job was as a lifeguard. Elyse’s aquatic industry involvement continued post-college, where she worked for a swim school and as a manager of a pool management company.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how quickly any activity in the water can turn dangerous,” Elyse said. “That’s why I’m making it our mission to help people of every age in our community have the skills to survive an accident in the water. This community opened its arms to us seven years ago when we were stationed here and now I look forward to giving back to them with these life-saving lessons.”

For more than 40 years, British Swim School has been dedicated to teaching water survival skills by teaching infants, children, and adults of all ages the skills needed for water acclimation, water survival, and stroke development. Its mission — ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer.

Across the nation, eleven people die every day from unintentional drownings, with nearly 4,000 deaths occurring each year. Research shows that participation in formal swim programs, such as those offered by British Swim School, can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children who are most at risk for deaths caused by drowning. However, the risk of drowning isn’t limited to children: a Red Cross survey found that more than half of all Americans (54%) either can’t swim or don’t have the basic swimming skills needed to save themselves in the event of a water emergency.

For the Charlesons, swim safety is extremely important, which made their involvement with British Swim School a perfect match. “We understand the dangers of drowning and the devastating impact it can have on families,” said Brandon. “We’re dedicated to ensuring that every child not only learns how to swim but also how to be safe in and around the water.”

“Brandon and Elyse are a wonderful addition to our family of franchisees,” said British Swim School President Ashley Gundlach. “Their goals align with ours, which is to create a fun atmosphere while ensuring our students become safer swimmers. The Wasatch Front area is full of children and adults who we’re sure will benefit from our high-quality swim program.”

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