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Working After Retirement is the Newest Trend

British Swim School has been featured in!

Retirees are finding that returning to work is on their bucket list. Stu Gelbord was 62 years old when he retired from his job in the food manufacturing industry and five years later he used his retirement money to buy into the British Swim School franchise with two new locations.
The thought of starting a new adventure just seems unbelievably appealing to me. I don’t think I would know what retirement meant.
Stu is one of many retirees who are deciding to continue working after retirement. It was found that over seven in ten retirees say they want to keep working after they retire in a Merrill Lynch Retirement Study. It is untenable to completely draw out the workforce at the expected retirement age since life expectancy and cost of living is increasing.Indeed, the freedom of retirement does not have to be lost by continuing to work. By engaging in these work activities, retirees can maintain a healthy social life well into their old age. It seems to be the social appeal of work that is most attractive to retirees. While starting a new business can be risky for retirees, it is becoming more popular among the older crowd. Many retirees report being happy with their choice of work after retirement, specifically Stu Gelbord. Soon-to-be retirees should take note that many of life’s thrills are not on a bucket list after receiving a gold watch. Many of them are right under your nose during the continued pursuit of interests.
Life should be a growing process, not a winding down process. It’s all about feeling vital.
We’re happy to see Stu featured in a national business trend piece that includes great insight on how investing in a business like British Swim School post retirement helps create a vital life. Great job Stu and we hope that this piece helps target like-minded franchise prospects.
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