Image of Rita Encourages a Watchful Eye

Rita Encourages a Watchful Eye


Rita and The British Swim School are catching nationwide attention with their revolutionary water safety programs, distinct teaching techniques, and their encouragement for parental vigilance when it comes to child survival rates.

British Swim School and their extensive exposure during Water Safety Month only served as a platform for Rita to continue to take over the media and spread the word.

Rita’s segment on CBS 2 News Sunday concentrated on her push for parents to join her mission to create a water watcher for all children.

“Drowning is often silent and the biggest number of drowning’s tend to happen around pools with parents or guardians or adults very, very close by. Because of the silence nobody is watching and everybody thinks everybody else is watching. What we designed is what we call, as you say, our water watchers,” said Rita.

Rita poses that the position of a water watcher should circulate through parents at pools, providing a watchful eye at all times. British Swim School depends on continuous support and responsibility of parents outside their structured programs.

In the most recent Water Safety — Injury Statistics and Incidence RatesStanford Children’s Health states that most childhood drownings in pools occur in the child’s home pool. About one-third of these drownings occur in pools at the homes of friends, neighbors, or relatives.

This statistic is shocking to most families and because of this Rita provides five tips on how to keep children safe around water.

  1. Water safety skills taught in schools depend on parental vigilance outside these programs.
  2. Start your child in swimming lessons at a very young age and encourage your own involvement. This, in turn, evokes your own awareness.
  3. Never leave the water or leave toys out around the pool.
  4. If you have a teenager, enforce water safety rules and encourage them to listen.
  5. Always compel your child to never dive into the water. A vast amount of extreme injuries are results of diving into water, where jumping could at worst break a leg.

Rita and The British Swim School don’t seem to be slowing down and neither does their constant publicity from various news mediums.

To watch the full video on Water Watchers, Click Here

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