Image of New British Swim School Franchisees Making a Big Splash!

New British Swim School Franchisees Making a Big Splash!

Facing incredible demand for survival-based swim lessons, new British Swim School owners are exceeding all expectations

Dubbed as the fastest-growing swim school franchise in the US, British Swim School’s newest franchisees are seeing a record-breaking increase in demand at their locations.

British Swim School, coming off their strongest year ever in 2021, is continuing their booming US and Canadian expansion in 2022. In the first five months alone, the brand has awarded nine new franchises, with almost 240 open locations across 29 states and Canadian provinces. This momentum demonstrates an ever-growing need for swim lessons, with British Swim School primed to be the premier swim lesson provider in these communities. 

One new owner experiencing a boom in student enrollments is Ignacio Pinilla, franchise owner from British Swim School of Northern East Bay, CA. Pinilla enrolled his first students in March of last year and had an incredible 2021. Through April of 2022, Pinilla had already more than doubled that 2021 revenue via British Swim School’s time-tested model, which was a welcome service for a community in need of survival-based swimming instruction. 

Located to the south are Doug Kraus and Arlene Faalnik, franchise owners from British Swim School of Glendale-Burbank. These franchisees launched their new business in January 2022 and have already hit their first 100 customers, well ahead of the performance expectations for first year franchisees! 

“The experience the past nine months has been challenging but extremely rewarding. British Swim School has been an awesome partner from the get-go in offering training and support on a continuous basis. I have also been very fortunate to hire a great staff to work through the challenges of launching a new business,” shared Kraus. 

“The business model is one that can be very successful as there is a high demand for these lessons — we recently opened our third pool! We are excited for the future and the opportunity to save lives by developing safe, happy, and confident swimmers for all ages.” 

The success of the newest class of British Swim School franchise owners also includes Dmitry Minaker and Svetlana Minakoff from British Swim School Manhattan. These owners have met the demand for swim lessons in New York City head on, outperforming any other new franchises in brand history in revenue during their first 90 days! 

What’s led to the success of these – and numerous other – franchisees out of the gate? Ashley Gundlach, President of British Swim School says that “emerging from COVID, many parents recognized that their kids needed survival swimming skills, especially given the boom in residential pool construction and the fact that more families are choosing outdoor vacations to beaches and lakes. This had led to a spike in enrollment higher than ever before, with many of our franchisees operating at more than double where they were last year. There’s also a growing trend in subscription, year-round swim programs, offering parents a progression-based approach that’s different than the typical session-based approach that was the standard when most of us were kids.” 

British Swim School franchise owners are as unique as the swimmers they teach, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, but are united by a shared passion for drowning prevention. Recently ranked #352 on the prestigious Franchise 500, British Swim Schools comes off a record-breaking year in terms of customer demand and franchise performance and looks forward to building on that growth in 2022

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