Image of The Glam Mom:Moms are Loving the British Swim School Experience

The Glam Mom:Moms are Loving the British Swim School Experience

British Swim School featured in The Glam Mom blog by Michelle, mom of three children

Michelle, mother of three kids, has featured British Swim School in her blog about her experience, which she felt she needed to share with her followers. After discovering that drowning is the leading cause of death of children under the age of five, she knew she had to take action. Her children took swimming lessons for a 6 week long period with British Swim School because she felt they needed to develop stronger swimming skills especially for their safety, but also for her sanity. Michelle had only heard good things about British Swim School before actually trying out the program, but one day she saw a BSS booth at a WEAR conference and made sure to check it out. British Swim School had arranged a 6 week private class for all three of her kids. Even though her youngest was only 20 months old, British Swim School did not hesitate. After the 6 week program, Michelle provided the four things she absolutely loves about the way the British Swim school runs their program:
  1. The breakdown of skill levels
  2. The method
  3. The environment 
  4. The patience 
The first skill British Swim School teaches is how to back float, which allows swimmers to breathe, rest, and call for help in an emergency situation. After mastering simple skills of that nature, the classes are divided into levels of breaking down stroking skills. First learning to swim the length of the pool on the front and back side, swimming strokes are introduced. After that, speed and stamina are put into the mix. After mastering all of these skills, children are encouraged to join a swim team. The method of teaching children certain skills is unforgettable. Michelle loved that while her children would learn to swim on their backs, the instructors would sing songs, which distracted the children from their fear and gave them a time frame to practice a certain skill. Michelle really appreciated the fairly small environment that British Swim School provides to its students. The play area and the changing area, both located in the lobby, was the ultimate advantage for Michelle when trying to keep track of all three kids. Most importantly, Michelle raved about the patience that all of the instructors had when working with her kids.
"My #1 was afraid he was going to drown during his lessons, so he had a hard time letting go of her. Sarah was very good with managing his nerves and when he wouldn't let go of her shirt to practice a certain skill, she adjusted to him."
Michelle admits that she loved everything about the experience and that they are going to continue lessons with British Swim School. The three kids will be splitting up into three different class levels.
"I'm grateful for this opportunity to have my kids learn to swim with the British Swim School. This was a super positive experience and I definitely recommend anyone to give it a try."
If you are a parent wanting to enroll your child in a swimming lesson with is, visit their website to find the location nearest you! Read full article here.    
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