What Makes British Swim Schools Unique?

The Swim School industry is an untapped market. Most Swim Teaching is done by the YMCA/YWCA or Red Cross. They often have cold water, too many people in a class, sometimes insufficiently trained staff and use conventional teaching methods. Today’s parents are looking for more and we provide it! The British Swim School has been dedicated to teaching water survival for over 30yrs. Our revolutionary methods are based on teaching beginners of all age groups that the ability to float on their back is the most important water survival skill of all. This enables all swimmers to rest, breathe and call for help, thus alleviating the “silent” danger of floating face down. Our Founder, Rita Goldberg, has worked continuously since 1981 to develop, improve and fine tune these methods resulting in the ability to teach babies as young as 3 month old to roll over onto their backs. Unlike many other colder -water, stern environments. Our teaching is a gradual, gentle and fun process.

How Much Does It Cost To Open A British Swim School?

The average initial investment is between $93,700 – $125,850. This amount includes the Franchise Fees, pool usage fees for the first 3 months, pool equipment, signage, pre-marketing and grand opening advertising, rent, computer systems and additional various funds to support you for the first 3 months.

How Many Locations Are There?

Since opening up the Franchise Opportunity nation-wide in 2012, we now have over 200 schools operating in 21 states in the United States, and internationally in Turkey and Canada.

We collectively deliver lessons to nearly 17,000 students each week, 600,000 lessons annually.

What States Are Not Available?

All states are still available!

Are All Markets Still Available?

Yes, all markets outside of  South Florida are still available!

How Big Will My Territory Be?

Adjoining zip codes with up to 30,000 children under 9 years of age in financially secure households.

How Do I Find Pools To Operate Out Of?

Our Franchise Owners enjoy a real estate program that helps determine the best possible locations available in their territories. Our Corporate Team then works with each new Owner to help gain access to these locations. And now, with partnerships with national fitness chains, many of the locations come to us.

Our Support team will travel to you to walk right beside you and help you identify the best first location, training you on how to identify high potential pools for your future growth.

Do I Need Prior Experience?

Our owners tend to have a passion for aquatics, or the drive to help in the fight against child drownings, but at their core, they are intelligent individuals with strong business acumens. They have great people skills, and enjoy building teams and organizations, (sometimes large teams) when they grow into multi-million dollar businesses.

Do I Receive Corporate Training and Ongoing Support?

We are with you in the fight against child drownings for the long haul! From the initial application through the entire operational period, British Swim School Franchise Owners are supported at all times. Our qualified and professional staff is available to provide help and guidance in these following areas:

  • A comprehensive training program and operations manual for the daily operation of your business
  • Two weeks of initial aquatics training, and business training
  • Business Plan assistance
  • Site selection assistance
  • Pre/Post opening advertising and marketing support
  • On-site Grand Opening support
  • Customized software to store updates to all of our marketing, and operational documents needed to run your business

As An Owner, Do I Need To Be Full Time ‘Hands On’?

Initially, yes!

It’s important you spend significant time in the business to learn the intricacies of it, build your team and personally ensure each of your initial pools are successful. As you grow into new pools, you’re likely to step away from the day to day, and focus more on the bigger picture. Or, like some of our franchise owners, focus more on vacations and your golf swing! All in due time of course.

How Much Money Can I Make With My British Swim School Business?

Our unit economics are outstanding, but unfortunately the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t allow Franchisors to discuss these with you in great detail until you have been qualified and received a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To get access to this document, you simply need to fill out our initial questionnaire and show that you meet our initial requirements.

Where Do British Swim Schools Live?

British Swim School has created a model that allows you to skip over the enormous amount of stress and disappointment that is inherent in commercial pool construction, by utilizing the plethora of “empty” pools across the country. The types of locations include Fitness Centers, Schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Retirement Communities, Hotels and Sports Clubs.

The information contained on this website is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. The following states regulate the offer and sale of franchises: California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. If you are a resident of or want to locate a franchise in one of these states, British Swim School Franchising, LLC will not offer or sell a franchise in that jurisdiction unless and until the offering has been duly registered and declared effective by such jurisdiction and British Swim School Franchising, LLC has complied with applicable disclosure laws.

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