Image of British Swim School Continues to Make Strides with First Location in Cypress, Texas

British Swim School Continues to Make Strides with First Location in Cypress, Texas

British Swim School, the nation’s leading “learn to swim” franchise company, continues its nationwide expansion with the grand opening of its first franchise location in Cypress, Texas. The newest location can be found inside LA Fitness -Langham Creek, with lessons available starting June 1st and additional locations to open in the coming months.

For more than 40 years, British Swim School has been dedicated to teaching water survival skills by offering a three-part curriculum, teaching infants, children, and adults of all ages the skills needed for water acclimation, water survival, and stroke development. Its mission — ensure that every person, regardless of age or ability, has the opportunity to become a safe and happy swimmer.

This mission aligns swimmingly with the new franchisees — husband-and-wife team Dustin and Ashley Yates. While Dustin will be heavily involved in the business, Ashley will run the day-to-day operations. As a former elementary school teacher for more than a decade, Ashley has always been passionate about working with children. When she began her quest to branch out and build a legacy for her family, franchising appealed to her as an ideal option for the first-time business owner. Additionally, Ashley wanted to find a family-oriented opportunity that was also beneficial for the community, so when she discovered British Swim School, she knew it was the perfect fit.

“The biggest element that attracted me to British Swim School was how seamlessly it aligned with my passions and skill set,” said Ashley. “I’m a former elementary school teacher and have always worked with children, so that aspect of the business, coupled with the ability to impact families across my community, appealed to me. I also appreciated the leadership; they offer a great support system. It’s the perfect opportunity for a first-time business owner like myself. I know if I ever have any questions, there’s a whole team available to help guide me through any problems that arise.”

The need for this service is high: each year, nearly 4,000 people across the nation die from drowning. While parental supervision is always the number one safety measure, research shows that participation in formal swim programs, such as those offered by British Swim School, can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children who are most at risk for deaths caused by drowning.

Ashley grew up in the community where she and her husband are now offering swim lessons and understands the importance of water survival skills, which is why their number one goal is to prevent tragedies and drownings. Ashley is determined to increase awareness surrounding this topic and provide the proper training needed to avoid deadly encounters.

In Cypress, she explains, there are many children, so the easy access many of them have to water like residential swimming pools increases the need for water safety. Her family has experienced both ends of the spectrum when it comes to water safety and can relate to other families going through a similar situation: as the mother of two young children herself, Ashley knows what it’s like to have one child love the water and enjoy every aspect of swimming while the other child is fearful.

“In our community, there’s a lack of available swimming lessons,” said Ashley. “We’re hoping to relieve the pent-up demand because no one should ever be turned away when it comes to water safety for their kids or loved ones. We’re beyond excited to be able to provide another option for those in our area and provide a little peace of mind for families in the event of a water emergency, as we can equip children with the skills needed to effectively save themselves if they were to fall into a body of water. We teach them to roll over, float on their back and call for help, and teach older children how  to get to the side of the pool if no one is around.”

To ensure her children’s safety in and around water, Ashley enrolled her two sons in the proprietary programs they now offer. And they aren’t the only ones wanting to sign up for lessons: the Cypress location already has a waiting list, with an increasing interest from adults requesting swimming lessons as well. Ashley intends to always keep up with the community demand - when they reach capacity, she plans to open additional locations to ensure there are always enough classes for those interested in learning water survival skills.

“Dustin and Ashley Yates have demonstrated their sincere dedication to water safety,” said Ashley Gundlach, British Swim School President. “They are a great example of the passionate, informed, and determined franchisees we seek to bring on our team at British Swim School. As we continue to expand, the Cypress location will play a crucial role in executing brand growth across Texas. We are eager to see the beneficial impact this facility and the lessons it provides will have on the community.”

The Yates family joins the rapidly expanding team of franchise owners operating more than 215 British Swim Schools across the United States and Canada.

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