Image of British Swim School Brings Aqua Active Water Aerobics to Halton Region

British Swim School Brings Aqua Active Water Aerobics to Halton Region

Leading 'Learn to Swim' Provider in North America Enhances Fitness Regimens with Innovative Aquatic Workouts

British Swim School, the North American leader of “learn to swim” franchise programs, is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative fitness initiative that promises to redefine water-based exercise - the Aqua Active Program. Being introduced in the Mississauga SW region on September 5, the program represents an innovative approach to water aerobics, tailored specifically for adults seeking a dynamic, efficient, and enjoyable workout experience. Departing from conventional swimming routines, Aqua Active presents an invigorating fusion of fitness, enjoyment, and relaxation that aligns perfectly with British Swim School's commitment to enhancing health and wellness. Ellen Raymond, Aquatic Manager at British Swim School of Halton, will be at the helm as the instructor for Aqua Active sessions, providing expert guidance and rewarding water aerobics experience for participants.  
“We’re excited to bring Aqua Active to the Mississauga community, offering a dynamic fitness solution that harnesses the unique advantages of water. With our team of expert instructors, we aim to create an environment where every participant can flourish,” said Rahul Jaswal, owner of British Swim School of Halton.
  Aqua Active classes are conducted in the shallow section of the pool, incorporating low-impact exercises utilizing pool noodles and hand buoys. The inherent resistance of the water contributes to increased calorie expenditure and lower-impact workouts compared to traditional exercise. The program caters to individuals of all fitness levels, allowing each participant to engage at their own pace.   The program is divided into two types of classes - Aqua Active and Aqua Blast.  Aqua Active offers a transformative 45-minute low-impact water aerobics session within a saltwater pool, guided by skilled instructors. Tailored to enhance flexibility, strength, and balance, this class is perfectly suited for beginners as well as those with physical limitations. The structured session encompasses warm-up exercises, a diverse array of activities, and a cool-down phase, leaving participants feeling rejuvenated and energized. For those seeking an invigorating and dynamic experience, Aqua Blast awaits. This 45-minute water exercise class is synchronized with lively music, offering an immersive fitness journey. Participants have the flexibility to customize exercises based on their preferences and pace, facilitating improvements in cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. The class adheres to a rejuvenating routine, beginning with a warm-up, followed by engaging exercises, and concluding with a cool-down, ensuring a thoroughly invigorating workout experience.  
“Aqua Active is more than just exercise; it's a comprehensive approach to wellness in water. Our program caters to diverse fitness levels, providing a refreshing way to build strength, enhance flexibility, and reap the rewards of aquafitness,” explained Ellen Raymond, Aquatic Manager and Aqua Active Instructor at British Swim School of Halton.

Aqua Active is exclusively available at the Mississauga location of British Swim School, hosted at the Residence Inn by Marriott - 2145 N Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON L5K 1A3. Classes will be scheduled twice a week, from September 5 onwards, with Aqua Active sessions on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM, and Aqua Blast sessions from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM.

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