Image of Safety is always on every parents mind, especially knowing the summer months and days by the water are quickly approaching.

Safety is always on every parents mind, especially knowing the summer months and days by the water are quickly approaching.

That is why CBS Washington’s Great Day Washington, featured British Swim School’s safety program and one of their franchise owners Bonnie Alcid this past weekend! Alcid spoke about the importance of getting children into the water at an early age, the Water Watchers program, and how British Swim School came to be the leader in the aquatics market! “It’s important because drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children and 1 to 4. We pioneered a program to introduce children as young as three months to water survival and safety,” Alcid said. British Swim School stands out among the crowd based on their gentle and fun teaching techniques that promote water survival. One specific technique is teaching children that once in the water, they need to turn a shoulder up causing them to float on their backs where they then can safely call for help. Learning to float on their backs is the second stage of lessons within British Swim School. Their first phase of lessons can begin as early as 12 – 15 months with the presence of their guardian and or parent. The next levels vary based upon the child’s age and their developed water safety skill sets. The British Swim School has devoted its past 35 years to creating a successful and gentle program that will teach children the necessary water survival skills. However, a child’s safety also heavily depends on the involvement of the parents. “Part of our early learning program is to educate parents on the importance of water safety,” said Alcid. “We want to make sure parents understand they have to have due diligence in supervising their children. “ To ensure that parents are getting involved and participating in not only the success for their children but their safety and survival. This is why British Swim School developed their Water Watchers program which ensures that their is always a designated guardian when any children are around a body of water.  The British Swim School is challenging the drowning rate head on while they spread their knowledge and expertise across the nation. Click Here, to watch the full video from Great Day Washington featuring Alcid and the British Swim School! If you find that after watching the video this is an opportunity you desperately want to be involved in. There take a minute, Click Here, and look into the franchising options at British Swim School!
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