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Why We Love British Swim School

For children five years old and younger, the number one cause of death is drowning. Did you know that?

Alicia Marie, from Making Time For Mommy, has lived with the chilling fact that children with Autism are even more likely to die from drowning and she is a mother of a child that sits on the Autism Spectrum. She has done numerous things to help her kids learn to swim and she believes that British Swim School offers the best swimming lessons her sons could get. Last month, Alicia’s boys starting taking lessons with British Swim School where there are a number of locations around the city of Chicago. They love their lessons so far and she has seen her boys’ skill improve in just four sessions.
I love that he works on skills with them that have been glossed over during their lesson at other places. Things like making sure Jake’s arms brush his ears so he gets the full power of the stroke while he is swimming freestyle and making sure Luke’s pushing his tummy towards the ceiling when he’s working on his float.
Alicia provides a video showing some of Luke’s progress. He could not swim on his own at all before they started lessons with British Swim School and now he can swim to the edge of the pool.
My boys are excited to go to swim lessons which means that they enjoy it as much as I like watching them. They love the last five minutes of lessons because it’s ‘play’ time. They they just see it as fun, they are really still learning skills like treading water and holding together their breath as they go under to retrieve a toy from the bottom of the pool.
If you would like to enroll your children in swim lessons with British Swim School, click here to find a location nearest to you!
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