Image of British Swim School Featured on Entrepreneur!

British Swim School Featured on Entrepreneur!

British Swim School Featured on Entrepreneur! Entrepreneur recently released an article featuring British Swim School in a roundup of the top 10 hottest franchise business categories along with the standout companies within each category. Many people are familiar with Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 List, which uses financial and statistical data to rank the top 500 franchise opportunities available. In this article, Entrepreneur picks the top 10 Hottest Franchise Business Categories that are "going strong and show no signs of slowing." Featured Categories include Children's enrichment, Electronics, Entertainment/Recreation, Fitness, Hot Dogs, Pest Control, Pets, Resale/Consignment/Estate Sales, Restoration, and Staffing/Recruiting.
"Each of these companies has an unquenched capacity for growth."
While the categories that made the list are quite diverse, they all share one commonality according to Entrepreneur, and that is "a still unquenched capacity for growth." British Swim School falls within the Children's Enrichment category. Franchises centered around children have grown in popularity in recent years due to parents' willingness to spend a significant amount of money to help their children thrive. The list of children's enrichment franchises includes opportunities ranging from after school drama classes, to math/chess and puzzle-learning programs, to computer programming, robotics, and creative arts training. Investment levels for these opportunities vary significantly as well, ranging from $20K - $2.2M. Statistically speaking, franchise owners looking for opportunities in the the Children's Enrichment category gravitate towards franchises that offer lower startup costs, a flexible schedule, and are able to be run from home. British Swim School fits the bill! British Swim School was founded by Rita Goldberg in 1981 when she opened her first private swim school in the basement of her Victorian home in Manchester, England. Ten years later she moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL, and brought the business with her. After 20 years of operation in the United states, she began franchising the concept and the business has experienced tremendous growth in its 5-year franchising history, reaching a total of 44 US franchise locations in 2016! [caption id="attachment_2214" align="alignnone" width="837"]british-swim-school-growth This Table Displays the growth of the British Swim School Franchise from 2011-2016[/caption] piggybouy Something that sets British Swim School apart from many Children's Enrichment franchise opportunities is that it not only provides children with a life long skill, but also gives them the tools to survive a potentially devastating accident. The tremendous revenue potential of this low investment, low overhead business model offers franchise owners an opportunity to earn a significant income while saving lives and having a positive impact on their community!   Read full article here. This article will also be featured in the December, 2016 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine!
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